Santa Fe River Springs Protection Forum

(formerly Springs Working Group)


Archived Agendas and Presentations
Follow this link to the visit the Santa Fe River Springs Basin Working Group page on the Alachua County Environmental Protection Department: Water Resources’ website. This has page has a list of agendas and presentations from previous group meetings dating back to 2008.

Mill Creek and Lee Sinks Dye Trace
A qualitative dye trace was performed to determine any hydrogeologic connections of Mill Creek Sink and Lee Sink with Hornsby Spring, Poe Spring, Darby Spring, and other springs along the Santa Fe River.

Evaluation of Nitrate Sources in Springs of the Santa Fe River Basin
Geochemical and microbiological methods were used to evaluate sources of nutrient enrichment, nutrient cycling, and groundwater residence times in two springs that discharge water from the karstic Upper Floridan aquifer to the Santa Fe River in northern Florida.

Exchanges of Water Between the Upper Floridan Aquifer and the Lower Suwannee and Lower Santa Fe Rivers
2007 report by the US Geological Survey

Springs Research – Florida Department of Environmental Protection
Aquatic environments respond to a wide variety of cumulative factors, both natural and human induced. Because of this, several different measurements of aquatic health, including macroinvertebrate communities (larval insects, snails, clams, etc.), algal communities and water quality, are routinely performed to determine the status of a system.

Springsheds of the Santa Fe River Basin
Explains what a springshed is and how the contributing areas to springs on the Santa Fe River are being mapped.